Questions about accounts

You need a valid email address, choose a username and password. You also need to have an account in the payment processor you have chosen to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Please check in all email messages. Include spam. If you have not seen it, please register again.

Securing Authenticator will prevent bad guys from breaking into your account. Make the safest for you.

Information => Dashboard => Account => Information => Google Authenticator.

In order to ensure the safety of our members, we force all members to turn on 2FA security to avoid bad guys from attacking and infiltrating.
You must enable it to access the normal website.

You can go to Dashboard => Account => Information to get short link links to share friends.

You look in the Affiliate menu.

You can use 5000 DGB for immediate investment.


Make deposit (+) : Please log in then select Wallets => select BTC ( coin) => deposit

Questions about investment

You can send money through all payment gateways to invest.

Coininvestbank has all 26 -30 valuable coins and links to major exchanges.

Login Account => Investbox => select Coin, Quantity => investment package.

Login to Account => My Investment.

When you complete the investment package, you will be paid back and plus the corresponding interest on the balance.

Go to my investbox to get your balance and profit updated. Then check in the wallets section.

1. Your account must reach 60 days from receiving 5000 DGB for free.
2. You get profitable investment packages from 5000 DGB for free or deposit DGB for 5000 DGB profit.
Note: if your account is full 60 days but the amount of profit is not enough, you need to continue to invest to make a profit to reach that amount according to the 2nd requirement.

Questions about the system

Level I: receive 10% of F1 profits.

Level II: (minimum 10 F1): receive 10% profit from F1 and 5% profit F2.

Level III: (minimum 50 F1): receive 10% profit from F1 and 5% from F2 profit, receive 5% profit F3.

Level IV: (minimum 100 F1): receive 10% profit from F1 and 5% profit F2, F3, F4.

Level V: (minimum 200 F1): receive 10% profit from F1 and 5% profit F2, F3, F4, F5.

Please note, the downline members must log in and update the balance and receive profits, then the new upline will receive a commission from them.

You can receive commissions from the downline by clicking Dashboard => Affiliate Payment Invest => Send will transfer to the balance.

Click on each ID to follow immediately.

Other questions

You can fund your account by sending us a payment via one of the electronic payment gateways. Currently we accept 26-30 coins of future application value.

Using electronic coins is fast, profitable, convenient and reliable.

All days of the week, operate 24/7.

Interest is calculated and credited to your account balance depending on your investment form by hour, day, week, month.

Please refer to our main page "Offer" for investment rates.

You can withdraw profits at any time when you complete the loan package, from the moment you start selecting the investment package. You can withdraw both principal and interest according to the number of packages you join.

Please go to the "Withdrawal" section, inside the Account Control Panel to withdraw money. You can withdraw both principal and interest according to your existing account balance.

Go to Wallets => Withdrawal => select coin => paste the coin withdrawal address => select the amount => I am not a robot => enter the authencation code if available.
then on your email click on the withdrawal link confirmation, you must maintain your account login. The withdrawal link is only valid after 15 minutes and will be returned to the account after 30 minutes of unsuccessful withdrawal.

You must maintain your account login status, then the link will take effect.

thank you

After you make a withdrawal, the system will send a confirmation link to your email.

Please enter your email to confirm your withdrawal order.
The system will handle immediately.

All payments are made within 30 minutes to 24 hours. This is done to eliminate fraud.

ou will start receiving profits on the next trading day.

Some members only register without the link confirmation email, the system will automatically cancel after 30 minutes without confirming the member registration link.

The system will automatically update every 3 days of the system tree.
We do not delete their account, their account is only registered but not on the confirmation email, after 3 days the system automatically disables.
Investment accounts will light up and they receive profits before you receive commissions from them.
Your affiliate must invest and receive profits to receive commissions from them.

Dear Customer,
The transaction you've processed recently has been placed on hold since our risk management qualified it as a subject to AML/KYC procedure.
According to Changelly service AML/KYC policy, we are asking you to provide us with the following documents:

a high-quality photo of your ID document (passport or driving license) valid in your country;

the official proofs of the origin of the funds in question. Such proofs may consist of any information that would allow to confirm that you're the owner of those funds, such as the initial source of funds, your exchange accounts with the history of trading, receipts from cryptocurrency sellers, your mining activity, etc.

To complete the KYC procedure please send us a selfie that must represent your face and your ID.
We are also kindly asking you to provide some screenshots from your exchange accounts with the history of trading.

NOAH, DGB, NEO, NXT, .... need to charge ETH gas to transfer, require KYC to be 0.1BTC. Those items will be returned after you have withdrawn and the rest

Thank you for your cooperation.

We need your cooperation.
We will hire a national expert to analyze your ID.
You will have to send us 0.1 BTC at this address: 3GeWf5yGNskj21y97qreqtWU9txG1fPRDi or you can send 0.1 BTC to your coininvestbank account, then send the TX ID code to us successfully.
After verifying your account, we will refund 0.1 BTC and all your coins are available at the address provided by your wallet.
the members' KYC verification processing time will be resolved from 24 to 72 hours.
Accounts and balances will be fully withdrawn after KYC succeeds.
Please wait.
Thank you for cooperating with anti-money laundering crime.
Your accounts are very safe because they are organized against money laundering criminals.

Display Interface




  • View all coins linked to the floor.
  • Information, market prices.


  • Switch between coins.
  • Effective 60 days after successful registration.


  • Make investment packages
  • By hour, day, week, month.
  • Upon successful execution, your balance will be charged and will be refunded to the balance at the end of the investment period, plus interest for you.


  • See the coins in your investment process here.


  • Make deposit (+)
  • Make withdrawal (-)
  • Make money transfer to other members (=)
  • View linked trading platforms (i).


  • View investment history, deposits, withdrawals, transfer internally, receive affiliate commissions.
  • FAQs, About us and News.
  • Display your existing balance. When you send money, receive affiliate commissions, investment commissions.
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